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      The bootstrapper program is used to create a customized bootstrap script by scanning a project's file. By scanning the autoconf macros in , bootstrapper determines which programs need to be used to create a usable configure script, then creates a bootstrap script which is custom tailored to your project's configuration.

      The resulting bootstrap script is nice for a developer to rebuild the configure script and files. It is especially nice for a project which may be downloaded off of a cvs server. By including a bootstrap script in a cvs repository, all auto generated files related to configure can be excluded from the cvs repository.

      On the other side it is also useful for a developer importing a new project onto a cvs repository. Instead of removing auto-generated files by hand, one would simply have to run `make distclean' then `./bootstrap --clean' to remove all auto-generated files.

      I wrote this program because I find myself hand-writing a bootstrap script every time I autoconfiscate a new package. I have no doubt that the bootstrap script is useful for developers. By writing bootstrapper I hope to never have to write another bootstrap script. Now I'll be able to write my , , run bootstrapper , then./bootstrap && ./configure && make. Nice Huh?

      If you're new to GNU's autotools, or if you want to see how bootstrapper works, check out my brief tutorial

      I'm currently working on autoconfiscating the Geek. And I'm going to document the process, so if you'd like to see a little in depth example, check it out here

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I Need your feedback.   lergnom - 2002-04-23 10:12
0.1Alpha Released.   lergnom - 2002-03-29 11:37
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